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Graduate Program

Pre-Fall 2004 Requirements

Requirements for the M.S. Degree

Candidate must complete the following core classes and one of the three program choices shown below. A minimum grade point average of 3.0 (B), with at most one grade below B, but not lower than C+, is required for the core classes. Refer to the UNO graduate college's quality of work standards for additional grade requirements.

The program offers three degree options: the master's thesis, the master's project, and the coursework option. The requirements for each option are summarized in the following table. Within each of the degree options, a student may choose from the general M.S. plan or from one or more of the six concentration plans. Click on the options for further details.

  Option Required Courses Concentration and Elective Courses Degree Option Requirement Courses
  Thesis 9 hours 15 hours 6 hours (thesis)
  Project 9 hours 15 hours 6 hours (thesis-equiv. project)
  Coursework 15 hours 15 hours 3 hours (capstone course)


Required Courses

The five courses listed below provide overall breadth in the areas of languages, algorithms, architecture, operating systems, and software engineering. Students electing the course option must take all of these five required courses. Students electing the thesis or project option must take three of these five courses (note that some required courses are needed as prerequistes for certain concentration plans; for those who choose general M.S. plan as a concentration, you are required to take each of the following five core courses, no matter whehter you take a thesis, project or coursework option).

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