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Graduate Certificate in Software Engineering

Software engineering is defined as the systematic application of science, mathematics, technology and engineering principles to the analysis, development and maintenance of software systems, with the aim of transforming software development from an ad hoc craft to a repeatable, quantifiable and manageable process. In 2006, CNN Money Magazine listed software engineering as the best job in America, with a job growth forecast of 46% annually for 10 years. Thus the demand for software professionals is very high, and is expected to continue for many years to come. The Certificate in Software Engineering will provide students with specific knowledge and skills required to analyze and develop complex software systems, exposing them to modern software engineering processes, methods, and tools, and equipping them for career advancement as software professionals.

Course Requirements    A student wishing to obtain a Certificate in Software Engineering must complete the following courses (3 semester hours each).

Required core courses - 6 semester hours

Elective courses (select two) - 6 semester hours

Prerequisite courses - 3 semester hours

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