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Graduate Certificate in Artificial Intelligence

The objective of the certificate in artificial intelligence is to expose students to the principles and technologies used to embody machines with human-like intelligent capabilities, to enable the machines to assist humans in performing complex and hazardous tasks. Students completing this certificate program will have an opportunity of learning as well as performing hands-on experiments in different areas of artifical intelligence including automated software systems such as software agents, multi-agent and multi-robot systems, machine vision and image processing technologies, neural network based adaptive software systems, heuristics and stochastic optimization techniques for critical decision making, and machine learning and knowledge engineering techniques that embed intelligence in computers and information systems.

Course Requirements    A student wishing to obtain a Certificate in Artificial Intelligence must complete the following courses (3 semester hours each).

Required core course - 3 semester hours

Elective courses (select three) - 12 semester hours

Prerequisite course - 3 semester hours

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