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Graduate Certificate Programs

The graduate certificate programs provide focused short-term programs of study beyond the baccalaureate degree for individuals seeking to improve their expertise, advance in position and salary, expand their educational background, and complete work that may potentially be applied to a master's degree.

The following graduate certificate programs are available:

Admission Requirements    Individuals with an undergraduate degree with a minimum GPA of 3.0 are eligible to apply for the programs. Individual programs may have additional requirements. International students and non-native English speakers must meet additional requirements as prescribed by the Graduate Studies office.

Program Structure    The programs are designed to allow completion by most individuals within a single academic year. Each certificate requires completion of four courses (12 semester hours), and usually involve a combination of core and elective courses. Specific course requirements are described in the individual plan descriptions. Prerequisite courses for the programs must have been completed with a grade of B or better.

Other Information    No more than one course with a grade of C (or lower) is allowed in any certificate program. Students who are admitted to the M.S. degree program in Computer Science may transfer credits for certificate courses to a relevant concentration in the M.S. program. Students currently in the M.S. degree program in Computer Science may also complete certificate programs as part of their studies.

For More Information    For additional information regarding the graduate certificate program, please contact Ms. Carla Frakes, the graduate advisor. Students should also meet with the advisor upon admission to develop a plan of study.

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